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Your potential

makes all the difference.

Coaching, Mentoring, Sparring
& Burnout Prevention

For enhanced Courage, Creativity and

Scarlet Flohr-Schäfer


For Private Individuals, Employees,
Middle & Senior Managers and Entrepreneurs

With CORE coaching & empowerment, explore your unique potential and unleash it with courage, creativity, and confidence to achieve your goals. Gain clarity and pave your own path, authentically aligning it with what truly drives you.

My Personal Drive

... is my passion for people, their potentials and the diverse opportunities that arise from them.

I live and work in the Lake Geneva Region, but I also offer my services in the Aachen-Cologne Metropolitan Area – and, of course, online internationally. You can choose to work in German, French, English, and Spanish.

As an IDC-certified Professional Coach (Institut de Coaching, Geneva) my training is accredited by ICF (International Coaching Federation), EduQua (Swiss Quality Label), EMCC/EQA (European Quality Award) and ACTP (Accredited Coaching Training Program). I have also specialized as an Executive Training Coach (IDC) and I am certified for the WAVE® personality assessment tool.

About CORE

COnnecting REsources –

Empower your potential.

Cultivate a Growth Mindset

CORE coaching & empowerment encourages for growth, personal and professional development, and sustainable success.

Master changes, overcome challenges, grow through set goals … all while enjoying and –  why not? – daring to take creative flights. Here’s what CORE stands for.

Activate Your Potential – In It’s Many Dimensions

The CORE-concept is unique – just as unique as you are. Starting from your individual goal along with your background, we embark on an inspiring journey to activate your unique potential: We focus on your resources, talents, and passions (even the hidden ones!) and I help you naturally integrating them into your personal solution strategy.


Discover your true self, explore your possibilities, and set, push, or even surpass your limits: By embracing fresh perspectives and actively harnessing your full potential, you will lay the ground for solutions that resonate with you, inspire and motivate.

Take authentic self-leadership, thrive towards personal excellence, and dare seing bigger!

Focus on your goal

CORE coaching & empowerment offers you the opportunity, among others, to:

  • Gain clarity and sharpen your awareness for expanded options.
  • Transform change and challenges into opportunities.
  • Make coherent and aligned decisions.
  • Find inspiring, sustainable, and innovative solutions.
  • Take a proactive, courageous, and confident approach and “simply go for it”.
  • Confidently stand your ground and make your contribution in a way that feels right to you.
  • Take on your new role (as a leader) and bring your team on board.
  • Strengthen the collaboration within your team.
  • Communicate convincingly and inspiringly, balancing emotion and reason.
  • Learn to “be”, to get inspired by your own authenticity, to take care of yourself.
  • Strengthen your self-leadership to consolidate your very own path.
  • Dare the “reset”.

Do you resonate with one or more of these goals? Don’t hesitate to schedule a free and non-binding introductory call. I am looking forward to meeting you.

CORE coaching & empowerment

My Services

Private Coaching

Take time for yourself and joyfully embark on your personal goal.
Focus on your own theme, gain clarity through new perspectives, and navigate your individual path with confidence and self-assurance.

My Services in
Private Coaching

  • Self-empowerment & growth: a commitment to personal development and change
  • Understand and transform one's emotions, sensibilities, and limiting constraints
  • Well-being & burnout prevention for privates (self-doubt, feeling out of place, exhaustion)
  • Me, here and now – a personality deep dive with WAVE®

Business Coaching

Cultivate potentials and invest in the Next Generation of Leaders.
Support your employees, in all their diversity. Strengthen your base. Empower the current and future generation of leaders. Foster excellence. For sustainable success and commitment.

My Services in
Business Coaching

  • Positive, responsible, and communicative leadership & the managerial posture
  • Manage change and crises
  • Self-leadership & professional development for employees
  • Address interpersonal challenges across hierarchical levels
  • Talent & motivation-deep dive with WAVE®
  • Get out of the burnout trap (self-doubt, feeling out of place, demotivation, exhaustion) 

Mentoring & Sparring

Get prepared for your new goal, new project, new role with a heart and soul check.
Benefit from experienced guidance, stimulating challenges, and targeted preparation of your next step, until it resonates with you. Together, we will explore the key points and guide you towards success.

My Services in
Mentoring & Sparring

  • Transition into new roles & responsibilites
  • Preparation for internal conversations, meetings and public speaking
  • Structured guidance throughout a change process
  • Creative brainstorming for project fit and alignment
  • Career change & transition to self-employment

Burnout Prevention

Prevent burnout and sustainably forge your future path thanks to an “Early Warning System”.
Spot the warning signs in your daily life to avoid losing balance. Discover the benefits of “Self-Care” to anticipate the crisis. Confidently readjust your future trajectory.

My Services in
Burnout Prevention

  • Burnout prevention for privates
  • Burnout prevention at work
  • Return-to-work support
  • Awareness raising

Coach, Mentor, Sparring-Partner

What Defines Me


My approach combines coaching, mentoring, and sparring formats. Whatever option you choose, you will experience a symbiosis between personal development and hands-on project implementation.


Together, we embark on a comprehensive exploration: from your core essence to your specific circumstances. You will gain a clear overall picture.


I have always navigated between cultures. With intercultural competence and sensitivity, I guide you in four languages towards a healthy and enriching relationship culture, whether in private or professional settings.

Business Experienced

Whether in an SME, NGO, or multinational corporation, I have experience as both an employee and a leader in diverse settings. What unites them is the individual as a cornerstone at all levels. The balanced relationship between the individual and the company is crucial. This is my philosophy.

Experienced in change and performance

In the extremely fast-paced financial sector, I've witnessed firsthand the adrenaline rush and complexity of profound changes and performance expectations. My goal is to shape change and performance in an appreciative and development-oriented manner - for everyone.

Close to people and their needs

The high standards in Private Banking have challenged me and sharpened my senses regarding the quality of service and the cultivation of trust. I keenly perceive the unspoken and confidently guide you towards the solution that best fits your needs.


Please feel free to get in touch and schedule a free and non-binding introductory call.
I look forward to meeting you.

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